She is happy

to color with crayons

on a book that is blank,


No prompts, no tracing papers

She has her ways,

of intuitive healing,

generously coloring

a canvas of love

truly a fool,

not the book

completing a full circle

filled with colors,

but it’s her

crayons wearing off

left with pastels,

who is complaining though

She knows her ways

with pastels

after all, she is an expert

in her art

She is happy,

to color with crayons

on a book that’s complete

She won’t stop now,

It’s too late

who is stopping her though

She is a…

Tied up leaves,

too tight to the tree,

Oh, it’s so refreshing,

Planted dewdrops,

enjoys the petrichor.

Tied up leaves,

adores closeness,

resents it has to do so little,

to feel so much.

Tied up leaves,

held by branches,

what a plight,

because who knew,

love can be such a disaster.

Tied up leaves,

envying the night that’s quiet,

calm and free,

slowly wishes it wouldn’t have to,

stick to the roots.

Tied up leaves,

in a deluded reality,

blind to love,

straying away from branches,

falls to the ground.

Tied up leaves,

finally loves freely,

what a plight,

to feel this way.


Photo by Joe Roberts on Unsplash

I might as well wait,

because that’s all I can do,

not too busy in my mind.

I might as well slip away

because there’s so much to say,

I’d rather give in to my thoughts.

I might as well leave,

I don’t see you asking me to stay,

perhaps, my eyes are closing to love.

I might as well watch you dislike,

every part of me,

it’s my solace.

I might as well try,

when you give up on me,

it’s your loss anyway.

I might as well not choose you,

because every time I do,

I never seem…

discovering the brain as a hobby

Here are some of the pages from my book of brain drawings

a psychology student’s perspective

I never loved studying statistics and/or research methodology[RM]. Previously, it seemed like both of these subjects somehow didn’t really fit into my interest in exploring psychology, and they also seemed incalculably vast and plain boring. I am a psychology graduate and I finally managed to finish studying these subjects and scrape through with decent marks. But it was only after my graduation time, during the pandemic when I discovered just how easy statistics can be. Funnily enough, all I really needed, was some time away from compulsorily studying those topics in confined ways.

I’m no expert, I’m still learning, here…

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

Slanted and ridged,

pride of artificial topography,

all shades of red,

they think it suits me the most,

Birds seem to flock here,

they perhaps love the solace.

House of components,

seemingly endless useless wires,

ironically helps make the whole.

Signaling to talk,

but never a receiver.

Views are great up here,

for looking over busy streets

and spotting two trees amongst the town area,

witness to happenings of love and courtship.

My fellow friends,

irritated at anthropomorphism.

I’m unbothered,

As I gratefully accept romanticism

and discard the unwanted rest.

The only thing I can’t seem to control

is making…

Photo by Paul MARSAN on Unsplash

Sponges soaked in sweet water,

Too much sweetness,

Hardly does work in the sink,

drenched with feelings,

and easily overused.

Sponges soaked in sweet water,

December blues,

don’t seem so blue after all.

Absorption of all feelings,

But with time, even the one that’s unrequited.

Sponges soaked in sweet water,

Tend to be thrown away easily.

working for broken love,

till they are of no use.

Sponges soaked in sweet water,

are blissfully unaware,

Of their replaceability.

Sponges soaked in sweet water,

Turn bitter in summer,

Too much bitterness.

Hardly does work in the sink,

drenched with unreciprocated feelings,

and left overused.

Sponges soaked in water,

Afraid of sweetness,

Afraid of bitterness,

Lay still,

To not be thrown away again.

If you’re someone who suffers from skin conditions like acne, how many times have you heard someone say “You don’t take enough care of your skin”?

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

I’m a person who has suffered from acne issues since I was a child. Having someone in my family, my sister who also went through the same problems, I know it can be emotionally draining to deal with.

Research shows that acne can affect you psychologically. The effects aren’t proportional to the clinical severity. Even mild acne can be extremely distressing to deal with. Acne can affect people of all ages but it is most prevalent during the teenage years. Approximately 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 25 develop acne. Having acne can significantly impact your mental…

What you can and can’t expect from Therapy

In today’s world, it is crucial to know the need for mental health professionals. While mental health is becoming more of a popular topic nowadays, there’s a fair amount of awareness spreading as well. However, it is necessary to recognize the distinct goals of a mental health professional whether it’s a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. There are established objectives that each professional seeks to sustain and knowing what they exactly do in their job comes in handy for people seeking help too.

Distinguishing mental health professionals as a league of their own has been quite difficult and that’s because of…

How and why knowing about it can help you

There is no secret recipe to having good mental health. What is important here, is that we discern the meaning of what good means. It may not always be something that makes you happy in the short term. It’s also not about being happy all time. Life can be confusing at times, unpredictable, and sorrowful. We may find it difficult to cope with stressful events and the inability to effectively cope or unhealthy coping mechanisms may result in poor mental health.
Everyone goes through problems and it is crucial to note that none of us are perfect in predicting how…

Praharshini Kumar

Student | Psychology | Writing

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